The Pavel Sedach

I am a private tutor and contract teacher in the Calgary area.

Throughout my higher education I was commended for my teaching ability in a classroom environment (whether working for prep course companies or as a teaching assistant) and was able to leave my job due to massive referrals in April 2012 to teach full time.

I’ve found the one on one aspect of teaching very different from the classroom – when working directly with a student you have a greater chance to produce lasting change. I strive to understand my students psychology and develop lasting change in their confidence and abilities. My approach is constantly improving and I take on only a limited number of students in order to provide the highest quality of service.

I tutor Math and Physics at the high-school level in addition to Chemistry at the high-school level all the way through higher University level.

Aside from empathy and an innate ability to teach, I have proven my educational abilities by finishing a Masters of Science in Chemistry (Sept. 2011) through which my work helped develop a patented solar energy conversion technology. I also qualified for and competed in the Canadian Powerlifting Nationals (April 2010).

I am constantly earning certifications while improving my teaching techniques and I hope to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with you or someone you know.

Feel free to contact me at

Tel: + 1 403 399 9814 (text or call)

Email: pavel@pavelsedach.com